Should I get my hair or makeup professionally done? - You can never go wrong by having your hair or makeup done by a professional. They use high quality products which produce high quality results. It also relieves you from having to worry about doing it prior to the shoot. Many hair & makeup stylists can do it in the studio or in your home prior to the shoot, whatever you are more comfortable with. We can provide the contact information for several trusted hair/makeup stylists, if needed.

Payment for services - I don't collect payment until after the photos are taken and you have had a chance to review them and select your favorites. I want to make sure you are happy with the photos first. I will send an invoice for your records and you will receive a receipt and then payments can be made in cash or online (credit card via paypal).

If you have a particular shot in mind, it is very important to share your thoughts/vision with the photographer so we can ensure we capture the type of photo you are looking for. If you have any examples of photos you have seen that you like and want to incorporate similar lighting, mood, props, background, etc., please let the photographer know as soon as possible (don't wait till the day of the shoot).

There are several different types of photo styles that can be taken. Some examples are:

  • Headshot - Simple shot of a person's face. This shot is generally from the chest up and focuses on the face.

    • Classic Headshot - This type of shot is used for social media, resumes, online profiles, and other situations where the key goal is to let the view know what you look like. See this example.

    • Commercial Headshot - This type is used to show your appeal to the advertising industry. This could be to sell a product or be used as a way to demonstrate your modeling ability.

    • Theatrical Headshot - A photo that is intended to show your ability of being cast in plays, T.V. or films.

  • Fashion/Glamour Portrait - A (near) full body shot of a person focused on what they are wearing, makeup or other elements that would be suitable for a magazine - See this example.

  • Environmental Portrait - A photo of a person in a natural element. This could be an office, kitchen or other area that may be part of the person's personality or career. An example would be here.

  • Conceptual Portrait - This is a posed type of photo that generally includes other elements as part of a story or theme. See an example here.

 When do I receive the photos? - The process involves a few stages:

  1. Photo shoot - We take the photos and try and show you them as we are shooting so you can adjust and see the shots as we are taking them

  2. Review/favorite selection - After the photo shoot, we will upload the photos to an online gallery for you to review and make you favorite selections. Based on the type of shoot, you will be asked to select up to 10 photos as your 'favorites'.

  3. Post-processing - We will then process the photos you selected as your favorites and provide those as high-resolution finished photos (blemishes removes, etc.). This generally takes up to seven days once you select your favorites, based on our existing workload.

  4. You are welcome to have copies of all the photos taken, but we will only post-process (polish) the ones selected as your favorites.

 Age Restrictions - Clients under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or legal guardian present during the photo session and the adult must sign a minor release form.

Can I print the photos? - Absolutely, a photo release statement will be provided so you can have the photos printed.